Hollow in Elm

26th January 2016

Date 2015-2016 Size 120 x 78 x 90cm Weight 47.5 KG( at time of completion) Material Scorched Elm 'Hollow in Elm' is made from a 200 year old Elm Burr. The tree was... Read more

Soft Target

2nd January 2016

Soft Target began as a commission. A piece that I would make for someone else and in part, be produced to meet their expectations. The brief was simple. An interlocking form... Read more

Must haves from 2015...

2nd January 2016

Extract from trend forecast, Marie Claire Masion -Which design object from 2015 would you like to have? A recent work by Wycliffe Stutchbury titled 'Hundred Foot Drain 1'. The work... Read more

Extract from trend forecast, Marie Claire Masion 2016

2nd January 2016

-What were your influences and what impressed your designs in 2015. After 20 years of living and working in London, my family and I moved to the Sussex coast. The new... Read more

Making accidents happen

1st October 2015

Making accidents happen I had some work on show recently. The venue was small, busy and some of the pieces were delicate. While talking to someone I heard a woman say... Read more

Lost vessels and Fire Bowls

25th August 2014

This body of work stems from a desire to work with wood instinctively and without design. To free myself from my own convention and perception of the made object. Using elemental... Read more