Must haves from 2015...

2nd January 2016

Extract from trend forecast, Marie Claire Masion 

-Which design object from 2015 would you like to have?


 A recent work by Wycliffe Stutchbury titled 'Hundred Foot Drain 1'.

The work is made from 5,000 year old Oak, recovered from the Ouse Washes in Norfolk, England.

Much of Wycliffe's work is meticulously laboured. His patience and skill produce monastic monuments to the material with which he works and resonate with a purity, honesty and timelessness.

'Hundred Foot Drain 1' is made from two pieces of ancient Oak that Wycliffe has prepared and  joined together. Then, with courage and insight, has done nothing more. 

The work is direct and intuitive. Wycliffe rescinds the need to impress, intervene or adjust. Instead the Oak and its placement speaks and breathes.

'Hundred Foot Drain 1' is a totem to the landscape, the environment, the passage of time and our place within it.

If this piece were to survive for another 5,000 years, I would gladly live beside it for the time that I may have.