Lost vessels and Fire Bowls

25th August 2014

This body of work stems from a desire to work with wood instinctively and without design. To free myself from my own convention and perception of the made object.

Using elemental forces such as Fire, Air and Water I am able to shape and sculpt wood in an unbound and organic way. As fire journeys into wood, shapes and forms are revealed, briefly seen and quickly disappear. The vessels move through varying states of primitive crudeness, function and evolve toward a delicate and complex border between existence and absence.

I am, for the most part, an audience to this event. I watch with interest and make suggestions but on the whole the fire and the wood burn as they wish. As the work concludes, I intervene, shepherd and finally halt the progress of loss at the place before all remnants of the journey are gone.

The resulting work is a husk. An edge between being and not. The processes that created these vessels are latent and tacit. The object that is left is a form captured moments before it disappears completely from our world.

When I first began to explore this making process I promised myself that if my day ended with nothing but wood ash to show, I would have achieved success. Infact would consider this courageous success.

 I have yet to show such courage.