Artwork titled “on making” by artist/maker Nic Webb.

on making

None of the tools in this photo were used to make this bowl.

It was made with a chainsaw, an angle grinder and various sanding tools.

These modern tools lack the quiet purity of the chisel or the spoke shave and often fail to feature in the makers story. They are however, efficient and critical to the outcome of many tasks.

It is common for objects to be presented with their more favourable associations while, what is perceived as negative or contentious can be edited or concealed.

Contemporary craft has both honoured its ties to heritage and tradition as it has embraced new technologies and materials. The modern maker can draw upon both past and present to develop their practice and, regardless of our approach to making, no one's craft is 'more right or less wrong' than any others.

All can be included. All deserves acceptance.

Lime - 15 - 15cm